3 tips to replacement window success

Q. I’m looking at replacing all the windows in my 60-year old house. I know that it’s going to be a significant financial investment. As an experienced window company, what would be your best recommendations to help ensure that this experience is positive and not a home renovation nightmare?

A. Replacing all the windows in your home is a significant undertaking. With today’s high-quality manufacturing and installation replacing your windows will likely only be required once or twice in your lifetime. From our experiences, these are the three most common areas where our customers can ask questions and do their research to ensure a positive experience from start to finish.

1. Ask about installation. Installation of replacement windows will provide some minor inconvenience. It will disrupt your home having it open to the outside and provide a little bit of noise. Inquire about the relationship of the installation team to the company. At Cossins, our installers are employees. They are highly trained, certified, members of our company who take great pride in ensuring that our high-quality windows are installed with care and diligence. This attention to detail is a direct result of being a valued part of our team. Make sure you know about any permits required or who to call in the event of an issue.

2. Consider a style upgrade. Many times homeowners replace their existing windows with the same design and function as their old windows. Replacement provides an opportunity to evaluate areas for improvement. Do you need greater energy efficiency? Would your interior space benefit from more or less light? Asking a few simple questions can ensure that you’ll get the greatest return on your investment and be happier with the end result.

3. Recognize that you get what you pay for. Like many high-value products, you get what you pay for when it comes to windows. Take your time to do your research to understand and compare safety and security features, technology and glass types. Spend some time thinking about how the room is used, what type of sun exposure it receives and if any design elements (such as drapes or blinds) will be required or desired to build the aesthetic of your room. Since windows are an infrequent purchase and an investment, recognizing the value of what you’re paying for will go a long way to ensuring your overall success with your project.

A successful replacement window project can always start with a trip to our showroom to see firsthand the quality, craftsmanship and customization available on all of our windows. We have many different styles on display and can work with you to achieve any look your home demands. For more information about our family owned business and locally manufactured products, or for a free quote, visit www.cossins.com.