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Patio Doors

Whether you require wood, metal clad, vinyl or fiberglass, you are sure to find the Patio Door for you at Cossins Windows Ltd. We offer a wide variety of patio and french doors.

Garden Door

  • Garden doors swing out (great for tight floor area applications); one acts as a window with a full screen, and one as the passage door.
  • Fiberglass, Steel, Wood or Clad Wood slabs available. A large variety of glass options available.

Sliding Door

  • Sliding doors available in Metal Clad or PVC.
  • Quality wide rail sliders are available in most series.
  • Double Lock System available on some units for added security.

Swing Patio Door

  • Swing patio doors come as one fixed slab, while the other is hinged on a centre mullion, opening in a full 180° tight against the stationary door so as not to use up valuable space.
  • Steel, wood, fiberglass or clad wood slabs are available, with a large variety of glass options.
  • Can be equipped with a Phantom Screen.

Double Terrace Door

  • Cossins double terrace doors are available in an inswing or outswing configuration.
  • Both doors open to give you maximum accessibility to any room.
  • Cossins terrace door slabs are available in steel, wood, fiberglass or clad wood

P.H. Tech Wood-Clad Patio Door

A Patio Door that is almost maintenance free with operation that is smooth and quiet.


  • Best of both worlds: the traditional appeal of wood combined with the high-grade performance of uPVC.
  • Screen: Self-cleaning tracks, adjustable spring-loaded suspension system, anodized aluminum track built into sill, rigid enameled aluminum alloy frame.
  • Interior and exterior uPVC cladding for durable value.
  • Panels are reinforced with steel for stability and smooth stable operation that will last for years.
  • A Patented self-lubricating sliding system that has dual tandem wheels that are adjustable. Quite, easy and smooth operation.


  • Doors laid out in 2, 3 or 4 panels
  • 3 standard heights with 5 standard widths 
  • glass sealed units with a number of performance options
  • energy efficient glazing options
  • decorative window grills as well as European-style panels are optional
  • forced entry is resisted with mortise lock system
  • black, white or brass metal handle
  • multipoint locking system is optional

Configurations for Garden Doors, Sliding Doors, Swing Patio Doors & Terrace Doors.

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