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Steel Entry Doors

The main entryway to your home can make all the difference in the appeal of your home. Choose an entry door design that goes with the architectural style of your home as well as a style of your own. Pattern glass and solid embossed panel configurations can enhance the appearance of exterior doors and express as much or as little detail as desired.

First select the door configuration. Do you prefer a single door or double doors? Would you like one with sidelites and a transom?

Then you must decide on a door style that appeals most to you. Do you want Glass? How many solid panels would you like? What shape would you like the glass to be?

Once you have established your door style, choose the glass. The design of the glass generally has the biggest impact on the appearance of the door. Trimlite offers a wide range of decorative glass, one of which is sure to catch your eye.

Our Steel Entry Doors are offered with a wide variety of decorative glass inserts. For further information, please visit the web site listed below.

Custom designs and configurations available.

Visit the Cossins windows and door showroom for all styles and colours available.

Cossins Windows now offers 2208 door lites in a 5 lite configuration on a flush slab as well as 2215 door lites in a 4 lite configuration.

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