Vinyl Venting Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are a great way to increase the value, curb appeal, and change the style of your home. The design and technology used in today’s manufacturing processes, make vinyl windows a desirable addition to homes. Current vinyl replacement windows perform much better than older wood and metal windows ever did. They are heat welded at the corners to form a structurally sound frame. The result is a strong, watertight, and airtight frame. Vinyl windows will never need sealing or painting. The vinyl is extremely durable and will withstand fading and discoloration.

Design Features

  • Fusion welded frame and sash.  Fusion welding provides maximum strength for window corners and aids in sealing out wind and water.
  • A bulb seal is located around the perimeter of the window sash to form an effective barrier from wind and water when fully closed. 2 Frame seals ensure air tightness.
  • Vinyl sash and frame have multiple chambers that provide dead-airspaces that block the transmission of heat or cold resulting in a window system that helps to maintain interior temperatures.
  • An interior screen made to fit with an overlap frame for neat appearance is securely held in place but easily removable for window cleaning. Fiberglass mesh for reduced visual glare.
  • All T mullion members are steel reinforced to pass the severest of wind load tests.



  • A wide variety of Grill and SDL options are available. More Info
  • A wide range of glass options are available in soft coat Low – E, Argon to clear as well as triple glazed. Super Spacer is standard on all window products.

When creating combination windows, different combinations will create different sight lines. Depending on whether you want to have uniform sight lines or you want to maximize the size of your glass will determine the styles of windows you put together to create a combination window.

Customize the look of your PVC windows by adding an extruded PVC brickmould trim. Available in 1 1/2” and 2 1/4” renovation style in 4 different colours.

Available in vinyl or wood, our jamb liners can be customized to ensure your inside jambs coordinate with your interior design.

See available vinyl window colours and options.


  • Casement & Awning operators are Truth Encore complete with nesting covers and folding cranks.
  • Both casement and awning utilize the Truth Encore multi-point locking system with removable escutcheon & handle.
  • Interior hardware and matching screen bars are offered in white and beige.
  • Operator covers have been designed for easy removal allowing for future hardware service.
  • Encore hardware on our casement windows open to 90 degrees to make glass cleaning from the inside simple. (some size restrictions may apply).

Frame and Brick Mould Options:

Customize your window frame by adding one of 4 different colour options to your brickmould. You can also keep it simple with a brickmould colour match to the frame.

Truth Encore Hardware

Cossins Windows uses Truth Encore Hardware for casement and awning windows. Considered the leading manufacturer of window and door hardware, Truth Hardware has built their reputation on service and quality.
Encore operators open and close with ease. Sash locks, multi-point locking system and hinges offer durable performance


Drywall Returns

Drywall returns are an accessory piece to accept drywall into the window frame for a clean finish. Available to accommodate either 1/2” or 3/4” returns.



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