Hemlock for wood and metal clad windows

Why Hemlock?
Beauty, Strength, Workability & Abundance.

Beauty your customers can appreciate.

Warm and radiant with a straight even grain and fine texture. There is little difference between sap wood and heart wood. Even color ranges from creamy white to light gold. Whether they are stained or painted, hemlock components for doors and windows are an important choice when looks matter.

The Chameleon of Woods

Hemlock is naturally beautiful. However Hemlock is also renowned for its ability to look like other woods. With no pitch or resin, Hemlock can be stained and accepts other finishes as well with little risk of ‘bleeding’ through the finished surface. Hemlock is a great choice if you want to give your customer the look of exotic wood without the expense.

Strength and Workability

Your customers demand “High performance”

Great window and door components are not just beautiful, but also have a great feel. Windows and doors that swing, slide and shut easily and smoothly. That takes a good quality wood. Hemlock can be machined with great precision, is easy to glue, rarely checks, holds screws and nails well, and is resistant to decay.

Strength for window and door components that will last a lifetime.

Hemlock is among the hardest of softwoods, therefore it resists marring, scratching. It has a high bending strength, shearing strength as well as stiffness. Actually its strength and milling properties compare very similar to Douglas fir – and at a significant savings. Hemlock is also a safe choice because it accepts fire retardant very well.


Sustainable practices mean a supply that is assured.

Hemlock makes up approximately 60% of British Columbia’s coastal rain forest. British Columbia has one of the strictest set of environmental protection standards in the world. Thus their great forests are carefully managed and continually renewed. Sustainable harvesting practices as well as fast regeneration mean that a supply of Pacific Coast Hemlock will be around for many generations to come.

 hemlock in bc

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