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Window Master

Window Master is a graphical application developed by a window & door manufacturer, not a software company. Designed to be easy to understand and fast to operate, running under Microsoft Windows. Unlike other programs that have to be configured for each style and combination of window, Window Master, once some basic information is configured for a particular series, can produce quotes and cut lists for any style, size or combination with in that series. This is particularly valuable for a T-Mullion product. A stand alone picture window has different formulations than a two picture combination with windows of the same size. This is because of a T-Mullion used in the combination instead of Frame profile. The size requirements for the components of the window will change when the T-Mullion is used. Other programs would have to set up formulas for each and every combination because of this. Window Master, once the initial set up is complete, is able to compensate for any combination that uses a T-Mullion, and therefore no additional programming is required

Window Master calculations are based on a detailed configuration of components that make up a product. This configuration defines component deductions, quantity and price for each series of product that a manufacturer builds. Configuration can be maintained by the manufacturer, or with support from Window Master if required.

Window Master is capable of calculating requirements for a T-Mullion series of windows. It is not necessary to program all possible configurations for a T-Mullion window. Some generic configuration is required, after which the program can figure out any combination needed.

Quoting is accomplished by simply clicking on pre-defined information to identify the product to be manufactured. Window Master was designed to be able to operate with a minimum amount of typing. Most items can be defined by simply clicking with the mouse on items from a list.

Upon completion of adding items to a quote, the price is calculated from the information in the configuration (unit length cost, hardware cost, labor, mark up, etc.). Once items have been entered on a quote, they are easily manipulated. For example, you can easily replace Low E for all items on a quote with Low E & Argon, without re-entering the items.

Click here to view the quote report.

The information on a quote is retained, and when the customer places an order, at the click of the mouse, the quote can be sent to production and all required production documentation is produced (work order, cut lists, purchase orders, labels, etc.).

After the work order is complete, it is archived where it can be reviewed or retrieved at a later time if required.

Window Master initial purchase $17,500. Includes the following:

  • Estimating and production capability
  • Licensing for up to three (3) seats.

$2,000/ seat for 4th, 5th and 6th seats.

$1,000/ seat for each additional seat required.

Consulting Fees:

  • Full technical support available, $95/hr.
  • Travel, accommodations, local transportation, meals and incidentals paid by customer.

For more information on the Window Master software please call our tech team.