Benefits of Windows with Low-E Coated Glass
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When looking for new or replacement windows, you want to consider all your options. Finding the right windows for you may be challenging. Windows that are energy efficient, enhance the style of your house, go with the decor of your home, etc. If you havn’t already thought about getting windows with a Low-E (Low Emissivity) coating on the glass, you probably should. Benefits of Low-E glass include:

  • Block Harmful UV rays form the sun
  • More comfortable in the summer. Less radiant heat from outside.
  • Warmer in the Winter. Helps retain the heat inside your home.
  • Lower energy bills from heating and air conditioning.
  • Protects your floor and furniture from long term sun damage.
  • Reduced condensation, mold and mildew
  • No obscured views due to tinting
  • Helps meet Energy Star ratings

We all love sunshine, but it can add heat to a home. If your windows face east, west, or south, this is especially true. You can block the sun with exterior solar screens, dark tint, window films, blinds and drapes. You may even try some creative landscaping. But these strategies also block the view. Why not maintain or even expand your view to the outside world without sacrificing your interior comfort or increasing your air conditioning costs.

Not only can you get protection from the heat of the sun, you can get superior insulating performance. This is important in the winter when heating costs are a big concern. Low-E coatings will efficiently reflect the heat from your homes furnace back into your house. keeping you comfortable on those cold winter nights.

In our showroom we have a demonstration unit set up where you can feel the benefits of Low-E first “hand”. There are heat lamps set up with the different options of glass in front of them. Just by placing your hands in front of the glass, you can easily feel the difference and understand the benefits. Come see our show room and see for yourself why you should have Low-E on your windows.

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