New Bifold Patio Doors
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Cossins Windows Canada is proud to present our latest product, Bifold Patio Doors.

Bifold Doors ride on a track that is installed on the floor. The hinges and rollers allow the doors to be moved with the greatest of ease. Yet they are every bit as secure and weather resistant as other door solutions. Different configurations and applications can accommodate almost any location. If an odd number of panels are used, a single swing slab can be installed on one side, while the others fold away. Enjoy the flexibility to have the doors partially open or complete folded out of the way.

Traffic in and out of your home while entertaining guests in the summer time can be an issue. People squeezing past each other as they try to navigate in and out of that sliding door. Why not create the extra space you need with a Bifold Patio Door.

They are available in many different colors. The same colors offered on our Metal Clad windows, so you doors will perfectly match your windows.

Compliment your home or building with Bifold Patio Doors. French Doors and Sliding Doors are nice, but can’t compare to the open air experience of a Bifold Door. Create a feeling of more space between you and your deck or balcony. Take advantage of the space you have. Bring the outside inside.

For further information see our Bifold Patio Door

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