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First there was Wood Doors. Wood seemed like a good choice for an entry door. Depending on your taste and the style of your home or building, Wood Doors may be the best option. However, wood can be susceptible to moisture. Without proper protection and maintenance, moisture can cause rotting, warping, twisting, and bowing. Ultimately effecting the lifetime of your door. Furthermore, a wood door does not offer much in terms of insulating value. So Wood Doors are attractive and have their place, but they may not be for you. Because of performance and energy-efficiency issues, there may be a better product for you.

Another option is Steel Doors. Compared to Wood Doors, a Steel Door is stronger and because of an insulated foam core, will provide a much better R-Value. No longer is there a possibility of deterioration like you may experience with Wood Doors. However Steel Doors aren’t perfect either. They are susceptible to dents, dings, paint chips or scratches, that can lead to RUST! As with Wood Doors, Steel Doors do have their place. But they also have their requirements for care and maintenance to make them last and keep them looking nice.

Then there was FIBERGLASS Doors! Fiberglass Doors are hands down the most advanced material for entryways. Fiberglass Doors can duplicate the rich grains and texture of a premium Wood Door. Then can also come in a smooth, steel-like surface that can be painted. They also have sharper, more attractive embossed panel contours. You will probably have the best chance of return on your investment with Fiberglass Doors. They have the highest R-Value rating, making them more efficient than Wood Doors or Steel Doors. And that’s not all. With Wood Doors and Steel Doors, maintenance can be an issue, but Fiberglass Doors require far less attention.

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