Ice Forming On My Windows
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Moisture in the air starts our as water vapour. In summer, when temperature is hot, the air is heavy which makes you sticky and uncomfortable. In the winter, the temperatures drop outside and the windows remain sealed.  The moisture is trapped inside your home and is drawn to the window pane.

How to Avoid Frost on Windows

So, how can you prevent frost?

– Weatherize your windows when it gets colder. Make sure storm windows are installed properly and caulk any gaps in the seals.

– Run a dehumidifier. If you can keep the inside air drier, frost will be less likely to form.

– Keep your home sufficiently warm, especially at night, to keep frost from forming. It might be worth putting a space heater in a room that is particularly prone to collecting frost on windows to see if that solves the problem.

– If all else fails, you may choose to replace single-paned windows with double-paned windows. The barrier of dead air between the double panes helps to slow down the transfer of heat/cold.

If you have any questions about frost on your new windows in Calgary or replacement windows in Calgary please do not hesitate to give Cossins Windows a call.

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