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Don't Cheap Out On New Windows

Far too often we receive calls for drafty windows or excessively cold windows. With the recent Government regulations which pretty much insist that new homes are built with a minimum of double-glazed windows they need to meet the insulation regulations because windows play such a big part in energy efficiency. But that’s just the start of what’s possible.

There are many options for increasing the efficiency and comfort of your home. If you use low E glass – glass that has had a thin polyester film with a micro-thin, transparent metal coating stuck on the inside – then you can save another 18 to 30 per cent of heat loss. This film reflects escaping heat back inside keeping your home more comfortable in the winter months. You could also save another 3 to 9 per cent if you fill the space between the low E panes with an inert gas such as argon because it’s a much better insulator than air. Stepping up to triple-glazed windows can push the increase in window efficiency even further.


We recently manufactured windows for a home with triple glazing that was located on a busy street. It was the silence more than anything that grabbed the home owners attention. But over time, compared to the replacement windows in their previous home they will see massive savings in heating costs with our new windows. More often the not clients focus only on the glass and not the framing on their replacement windows. Understanding the framing of your new windows Calgary can be just as important for efficiency as selecting the high efficient glass. Surprisingly wooden frames beat aluminum at the high end. Aluminum windows bring their own problems because they so readily transfers heat. “It’s great for longevity, not for heat loss in new windows.”

Insulating materials such as uPVC and wood do a better job due to attracting less condensation and therefore lose far less heat than new windows with aluminium frames. Anyone doing a home renovation requiring new windows or building a new house should pay special attention to the windows, understand the specs for immediate benefits as well as the longevity upside to the new windows of choice. Your replacement windows Calgary should never only meet the minimum standard.

We understand the cost of new windows can be expensive, and the more windows the more comfortable your home will be. Let’s make sure we are making the right choice for your climate and lifestyle. Efficient, long-lasting and comfortable windows the look amazing all year round!. For more information regarding doors and windows Calgary, feel free to Contact US


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