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Keeping Heat Out This Summer

It is not only heat loss that is the problem but also heat gain—this is a major concern in the summertime in Calgary when our windows let all the heat in and leave you wasting energy dollars by making air conditioners work harder. Heat gain results when the long-wave radiation component of daylight passes through a window. The best new windows address this by incorporating various Low-E (low-emissivity) technologies such as special coatings on the glass or films between double panes. These technologies are typically not part of the construction of older windows.

We look forward to the summer all year long but once those high temperatures and hot weather hits, we’ll do anything we can to stay cool. The summertime poses a unique set of challenges for windows since you want to maximize natural light but you don’t want your home too hot for comfort. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind for summer smart window maintenance to protect your home against the heat:

  • Install white blinds, curtains, or shades in order to repel the sun and reflect sunlight away from your home. Slant your blinds so they sit on an angle directed back towards the outdoors making sure you don’t let too much light into your home.

  • Strategically planted trees or shrubs that shade your home can be a major relief when it comes to regulating your home’s temperature. Plants that offer shade can save you money, as you’ll spend less on cooling your house. In addition, don’t forget about the added eco benefits and curb appeal of more plants on your property!

  • Keep windows closed during the day and open them at night.

How Do Glass Coatings Affect Your Home?

Energy efficient windows are crucial to regulating your home’s temperature and reducing or eliminating the need to constantly run your air conditioner. Just take a look at our replacement window options and you can see how much Low-E glass coatings affects your home’s heat control this summer.

We understand the cost of new windows can be expensive and the more windows the more comfortable your home will be. Let’s make sure we are making the right choice for your climate and lifestyle. Efficient, long-lasting and comfortable windows that look amazing all year round!

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