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Wood Windows Series

For a sophisticated, individual look, wood is the natural choice. From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, you will not find another material that can match wood’s elegance and charm. Sometimes there is nothing like the texture, depth and beauty of the real thing. The beauty of wood built for you. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, a Cossins Wood Window will provide all the warmth and durability you expect from a quality wood window.

Design Features

  • Cossins has provided a lozaron fin seal between the inside and the outside to ensure energy efficiency is at its best.
  • Screens are available in 5 standard colors with fiberglass mesh. 4 upgrade screenbar colors and/or metal mesh are also available. Screens are installed on the interior frame by compression springs for easy removal and a snug fit.
  • Clear hemlock brickmold sub sills (no fingerjoints) are used on the exterior to ensure no joint separation. Exterior will also take paint or stain equally well. Custom brickmould profiles available.
  • Having a jamb thickness of 1-1/4” and a sash of 2” ensures a straight weather tight fit. Constructed from clear hemlock; the traditional wood of windows. No fingerjoints leave you the option to stain or paint.
  • Jamb widths can be customized from 4 ½” – 14” to accommodate new types of Building construction and log homes.


  • Casement & Awning operators are Truth Encore complete with nesting covers and folding cranks.
  • Both casement and awning utilize the Truth Encore multi-point locking system with removable escutcheon & handle.
  • Interior hardware and matching screen bars are offered in 4 standard colors and 5 upgrade colors.
  • Operator covers have been designed for easy removal allowing for future hardware service.
  • Encore hardware on our casement windows have the ability to open to 90 degrees, making glass cleaning from the inside simple. (some size restrictions may apply).

Available in 8 Standard Colours:


  • A wide variety of Grill and SDL options are available.
  • Double glazed insulated sealed units are standard. Options include: Low “E” squared gas filled, tinting, triple glazing and safety glass.
  • Insulated spacer bar is provided to reduce condensation around the edge of the glass. “Warm Edge Technology”.

Encore Hardware

Encore Operators give you all the strength and performance characteristics of Maxim, but with the flexibility of a snap-fit cover and streamlined full-flip folding handle that eliminates collapse during operation. Encore Operators require 33% less effort to operate than previous operators and are designed to use the same mounting location as the Maxim system

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