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Your new windows and doors are an investment. At Cossins, we want to make sure that your purchase comes with peace of mind from a detailed and thorough warranty on all our parts and service. We take pride in manufacturing and installing a product to the highest quality standards that you can be proud of your investment for years to come.

- Comprehensive Parts & Labour Warranty

Cossins Windows Ltd. offers a 5-year warranty on installation labour and all parts purchased from Cossins Windows. This warranty is transferrable with the original purchaser’s receipt. Other details of our warranty includes:

• 20 year warranty on vinyl/PVC profiles

• 20 year warranty on metal cladding

• 10 year warranty on operating hardware

• 20 year warranty on Insulating Sealed Units

- Insulating Glass – 20 Years

All sealed units manufactured and installed January 1st, 2015 to present by Cossins Windows Ltd. are warrantied for a term of 20 years from the date of purchase. This warranty relates directly to loss of air seal due to defects in the material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover cracked or broken glass due to heat build up, spontaneous breakage, accidents or abuse. The warranty will be null and void if the sealed unit has been altered in any way from its original state, such as solar control films, stickers, paint or blinds installed closer than 2” from the glass.

Condensation on the interior surface of the window is not related to glass or product performance. Visit for more information on understanding home humidity and how to manage it to protect and preserve the longevity of your windows.

- Operating Door Hardware – 5/10 Year

Multi-Point Door hardware is warrantied for 10 years and all door handle sets are warrantied for 5 years against defects, workmanship and to remain in good operational condition. This warranty does not include scratches and/or abrasions on finishes, products that have been altered or improperly installed, abused, or products deemed to have undergone normal wear and tear.

- Exterior Door Slabs

Fibreglass – Smooth Panel: 25 Year Limited Warranty

Fibreglass – Wood Grain Panel: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Steel – 10 Year Limited Warranty

All of our door slabs are warranted, as noted above, from the date of installation against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. Our warranty is voided if the door panel, trim and jamb are not painted or stained completely on all 6 sides within 30 days of installation.

- Doorlites – 10 Years

Doorlites are warranted from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. This warranty will be voided if damage is caused by accident, negligence or if installed in abnormal or extreme locations or situations.

In the event that a doorlite needs to be replaced, and the decorative pattern is no longer available, we will make a reasonable effort to find a suitable replacement of equal or lesser value. No substitutions will be allowed if the same decorative style as the one deemed defective is currently available from the manufacturer.

- Vinyl Extrusions – 20 Years

All Cossins PVC windows carry a 20 year warranty against such defects in material and workmanship that might result in blistering, flaking and corroding of the window frame or sash members. Not covered under the warranty are frames and sashes that have been painted as well as using harmful solvents and abrasive brushes or cloths that have been used to clean the vinyl frame or sash members.

- Metal Cladding – 20 Years

For a period of 20 years, starting from the date of installation, we warrant our aluminum/metal cladding to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Exposure to sunlight, air pollutants and everyday weather may cause all wood/metal-clad surfaces to gradually fade and even accumulate surface dirt or stains. These are normal conditions and are not covered under the Cossins Warranty.

- Operating Hardware – 10 Years

All of our window and door hardware is warranted to remain in good operational condition and comes with a ten(10) year warranty through Truth Hardware. This warranty does not cover discolouration on finishes, or any product which has been improperly installed, abused, misused, worn out or altered, nor does it cover corrosion related damage. For more detailed information on the Truth Hardware warranty please visit

In the event a Craftsman style door slab is defective, the entire doorslab will need to be replaced. In this case, we will have the door manufacturer replace the entire door slab, including the defective doorlite, at no charge.

- Skylights And Sun Tunnels

Velux Canada manufactures all of the Skylights and Sun Tunnel products sold here at Cossins Windows. Velux offers a 10-year warranty on all Skylights and Sun Tunnels. They also have a 5 year warranty on the electrical and sunscreens products. For full details on the Velux warranties please visit www.

- Labour – 5 Years

All items installed by Cossins Windows hold a 5-year warranty from the installation date. Cossins Windows is not responsible for damage to the property that is a result of any pre-existing conditions of the home which includes, but is not limited to: dry-rot, cracked stucco, any existing leaks or weather damage. After a period of 5 years from the original installation date, the homeowner is responsible for all labour costs associated with replacement or repairs.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

If you are experiencing a situation that requires a claim to be made under the conditions of our warranty,

the original purchaser must provide proof of payment in full.

Our warranty is transferrable. The claimant will be required to provide an original proof of purchase to be entitled to a warranty.

Contact Cossins for Warranty Info.

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